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From Dinner to Lunch…..

During the warmer months we use our grill no less than 3-4 times a week to cook anything from steak and chicken to vegetables and pizza. While I enjoy experimenting with different marinades for meat and simple all-in-one meals, our typical grilled dinner consists of either steak, chicken or pork chops with no special prep.

Because the weather was so unbelievable fantastic on Saturday, a grilled dinner was a must. Gaar bought Filet Mignon along with thick bacon to wrap around each steak. After wrapping the steak with bacon he secured it with a toothpick and then seasoned with Nature’s Seasoning before placing it on the grill. Fifteen minutes later we were enjoying a very tender piece of steak. However, I’m pretty sure anything wrapped with bacon tastes delish!steak

The best part of this dinner was the super leftovers it made for lunch today—you’d be right to guess a super steak sub!


Bacon Wrapped Steak Sandwiches

steak sandwich


leftover bacon wrapped steak (I used filet from dinner the night before)

sub sandwich rolls, split and toasted

Provolone Cheese


tomato slices

shredded lettuce


1. Slice steak into thin strips and heat in microwave for 30-45 seconds or until warm.

2. Spread mayonnaise onto the bottom of toasted sub roll and layer steak and bacon on bread.

3. Place a slice of cheese on top of steak and bacon and heat in microwave for 20-30 seconds or until cheese is just melted.

4. Top with tomato and lettuce.

5. Replace top slice of bread. Enjoy!

*This is a versatile sandwich. Try experimenting with different condiments and cheeses.