No Fooling, a New Post!

So as today is April 1st I have decided to make a post and try and revive the very short-lived Peanut butter and Banana Pancakes from last year. I decided that today was going to be the day I returned to this blog I created over a year ago and then let it go. I stopped trying to create a blog for a number of reasons, the main one being that my laptop crashed and way too hard to do from an iPad! Then the more I looked around at other blogs I became discouraged that I didn’t have the right camera, enough to talk about and create anything interesting that anyone would care to read. Then I decided that this blog is mainly for me to share recipes and blog about my life so that I am able to have an outlet and hopefully have some fun while doing it. I’ve also given myself permission to not follow a specific format and my posts don’t have to be grammatically correct, hard for someone that is highly OCD. And I can’t lie, a few followers would be pretty awesome too.

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