Forget Throwback Thursday, Thunderstorm Thursday would be much more accurate. Holy cow! I left super early for my own workout at the gym because I know Thursdays find me in  time crunch trying to fit in my workout and get Gaar and Abby out the door for work and school and make it to teach a 9am Pilates class. This morning as soon as I peeled off my sweaty clothes and got ready to hop in a quick shower we lost power. I tried waiting it out but after an hour I knew I would have to rough it. For me that would include a quick towel off and swinging by McDonald’s for coffee since I couldn’t brew any of my own. After I had my caffeine fix I enjoyed a pre-made breakfast of overnight oats I was on my way.


After returning home Gaar and I took our nephew Ben to lunch, caught up on some laundry and then went to do some grocery shopping. As luck would have it when we got home the power was out again and this time I had just bought Snickers ice cream bars for Ben’s dessert. Ugh! Needless to say I am way over Thursday and tonight’s dinner by a unanimous vote, is in the form of a nice hot pizza. Yum, though I’m sure I will stick to salad and then steal a few bites from everyone’s plate 😉

!20131115_175120 (1)


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